Austria Citizenship for Wealthy Investors

Austria Citizenship by Investment

A citizenship and a passport from a small, peaceful country can be a “life saver” and very importantly guarantees you “safety” and “privacy” in times of political unrest, civil war, terrorism, and in other delicate situations, when you needed the most for you and your family.  Second citizenships can be used as an effective tool for international tax planning, education for your children, visa free travel and so much more. Many wealthy individuals and corporates, seek a safe haven outside their home countries, for various personal reasons.

Austria is in heart of Europe with a rich central european culture and most renowned for transportation. Austria is the only country in Europe officially offering `Citizenship by Investment` or `Economic citizenship` program, to foreign persons who invest substantially in the growth of Austria economy.

The good news is acquisition of citizenship and passport  “legally” is very much a reality, under the economic citizenship program offered by Austria to individuals, and the government expects significant money to be invested in the “economic” development of the Austria. You can directly qualify for citizenship and passport by investment without any residency requirements.

Austria Citizenship Program

Austria offers high net worth investors to obtain citizenship and an EU passport immediately without prior residence requirements on the basis of an investment in the country.

Under the citizenship-by-investment program, “Economic citizenship” offered to foreign nationals who invest..

A direct business investment of EUR 3 to 10 million in Austria.

are eligible for “Austrian citizenship” only at the sole discretion of Austrian Government by exception. It is expensive, yet fastest way, for getting a european citizenship. Austrian passport entitles you EU citizenship, and gives you the right to live and work anywhere in the EU. Family members, such as spouse and children upto 18 yrs of age can be included in the citizenship application. Children above 18 years of age to me made on  a separate application.

There will be additional expenses involved such as lawyer fee, due diligence fee. No german language knowledge is needed.  The citizenship offered is ‘irrevocable’ unless the applicant is has presented false information in citizenship application.

Under the citizenship-by-investment provisions, an applicant is required to engage and invest in the Austrian economy –  in the form of a joint venture or a direct investment in a business creating jobs or bring in new science and research to Austria. A minimum investment of several million Euros is expected by the Govt. Passive investments such as government bonds, real estate, etc. generally do not qualify under citizenship provisions.

A personal visit is required to Austria to complete the formalities at a citizenship ceremony in Austria before a representative of the Government.

Austrian passport has an excellent reputation and well recognized worldwide. With a Austria residence it is possible to travel visa free in Schengen and other countries. The Austrian passport is one of the best travel documents in the world. It allows extensive visa-free travel (including to the USA) and gives you the right to live anywhere in the EU and additionally also in Switzerland.

The grant of citizenship requires approvals from various stages in Govt and the procedure involved is quite delicate. The paperwork with the government is cumbersome, and the processing time make take upto 12-18 months. After receiving your citizenship approval, you can apply for Austrian Passport.

We are the only company assisting our clients with citizenship in Austria despite difficult paperwork with the government. We can arrange meetings in Dubai, Switzerland or London or place of your choice. Please contact us for appointments. Serious Investors please!!

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to standard documentary requirements, the following documents are needed to apply for citizenship program in Austria.

  • Excellent financial background
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Solid Business background information
  • Good references with good CV of applicant

Dual Citizenship

Under the Austrian Citizenship Act,  generally requires the applicant to abandon/giveup his current citizenship as a precondition for being granted Austrian citizenship. But under the provisions of 10(6) of Citizenship Act, allows citizenship to be maintained. You need not give up your previous citizenship. We ask you to check the relevent laws in your home country, with regards to dual citizenship. Further Austria does not report or share your citizenship information with other countries.

Austria Taxes

Acquisition of Austria citizenship, does not bring you under tax obligations, unless you are resident in Austria.

Please complete our online application, if you are interested in applying for Austria citizenship. At present we are able to assist wealthy invidividuals, business investors or multinational corporates


We assist our clients with residency, citizenship planning and offer our professional services with unbiased advice. We offer clear written contract agreements clearly mentioning the applicable charges including the refund policy.